International Management Services

IMS works in France, Germany and throughout Europe and offers you considerable mobility and responsiveness. With our locations in Germany and France we are present on both markets and very close to our German and French customers


Search and selection : One sole contact deals with your entire search project

IMS proceeds by direct candidate approach; the short communication lines are focused, accelerate research and are very cost effective.
Approach and selection are carried out in accordance with the exclusive methods of IMS which guarantee absolute confidentiality and respect the Syntec recruitment code of ethics charter.

IMS selects candidates on personal interviews, verification of certificates (studies, marks, written references, etc.), character references and a personality test.

IMS assures a confidential selection of candidates in accordance with pre-established customer criteria.

After research and analysis, IMS presents several candidates for each search agreement. A synthesis per candidate, encompassing all information and analyses, is submitted prior to presentation. The search period for an applicant varies depending on the complexity and the qualification requirements of the position concerned: this can take between 4 weeks to 3 months.
The customer benefits from a recruitment guarantee according to which IMS repeats the search without any additional cost, in the event of the candidate’s departure during the twelve months following his joining the company. Confidentiality, customer satisfaction, and code of ethics are the three essentials which underpin the work of IMS throughout all its recruitment assignments.
During the first eight months, IMS assists the recruited candidate via regular meetings in order to ensure good integration.
We work exclusively on the basis of a signed agreement for a defined position. IMS invoices contracted and non-revisable fees, including all expenses arising from the assignment. Fees are determined by common agreement in accordance with two criteria: the complexity of the search and the position’s degree of responsibility. They are to be settled at each stage of the process which guarantees payment related to success.