International Management Services

La recherche de personnel qualifié est devenue complexe et la simple publication d’une annonce ne suffit plus depuis longtemps. Le recrutement se fait directement auprès de personnes bien ciblées et demande une mobilité géographique importante ainsi qu’une capacité à s’ouvrir vers de nouvelles ressources.


IMS is a hunter…
and not a fisherman in his database

Efficient and multicultural managers, executives, engineers, technicians and sales staff tend to be rare. This especially applies for the most important sector of economic cooperation in Europe: the Franco-German market.

IMS is a multicultural consultancy which is mainly active on the Franco-German market but is equally present in other European countries. Many companies are developing their activities throughout Europe, with the quest for staff and the approach becoming cross-border.

IMS is specialised in head hunting, this methodology consists of a targeted search for profiles which are difficult to identify by other means. Head hunting is a direct approach, a proactive undertaking which is based upon an in-depth knowledge of markets. By using a direct approach, we supply a customized response to our customers’ requirements.

IMS is active in all types of industries and services in France, in Germany and throughout Europe and is able to offer you considerable mobility and responsiveness.

Our commitment…
The more time we spend in establishing and updating a data base, the less we have for selecting really appropriate candidates.
At their place of work and not where they are concealed amongst others. The best of them do not spend more than two months actively seeking a position; generally the major part of a data base only contains candidates who have remained inactive for a long time, or the least suitable ones.
Whose personality, as well as professional and personal skills and capacities correspond exactly to your needs and culture.
Throughout the entire assignment: a sole interlocutor for the entire research process.